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bamboo & bone: the music
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"Gloriously meditative!"*

Bamboo and Bone concerts transform the human experience into music. The concerts take many forms.

Solo Performances by Allen Nyoshin Steir elevate audiences with the sacredness of the Japanese bamboo flute, the shakuhachi.

"An intimate evening of
mastership and talent."*

Together with Mallie Boman, the music and musings form an electric and eclectic experience that is provocative, refreshing and transcendent.

"These two passionate artists resonate the warm glow of inspiration..."*

Bamboo and Bone concerts may include guest artists.

recordings: castles in the sky
on tape and cd


60 minutes of pure Honkyoku - the original Zen meditation music - gathered from temples throughout Japan and passed down from teacher to teacher since before the 13th Century to the present.

Hear the tradition. . .

Selections are from the repertoire of the Fuke sect of Zen and comprise Sui-Zen (Blowing meditation). Shakuhachi ShiHan Master Allen Nyoshin Steir plays with heart and soul, a sensation reflected in his given Japanese name.

and be moved.

"I found that when I play shakuhachi, the instrument and the music have the ability to shift my consciousness to another place. People would come up to me after a performance and say that they were also taken on a trip. I put together a collection of pieces that both move me and my audiences. Hence, the creation of "Castles in the Sky". Allen Nyoshin Steir

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