Mallie Boman and Allen Steir


bamboo & bone
p.o. box 720831
new york, ny 11372-0831



bamboo & bone:
what critics have said

Robert Enright
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
July 23, 1998

"Bamboo & Bone is an intelligent use of music and poetry to chronicle a woman's journey into self-awareness. The journey has its geographical locations - the Williamsburg Bridge, Rwanda and Auschwitz among them - but the real coordinates of her wanderings are inside the psyche and not in external space. Mallie Boman's language is poetic - her haiku 'Phosphorous and moon' is exquisite. Allen Nyoshin Steir's playing of the vertical bamboo flute is hypnotic. There's something about the way he turns the human breath into music…the Japanese call it 'blowing meditation' and the effect is transporting."

Fiona Plumridge
The Jenny Review, The Buzz… Wednesday,
July 22, 1998

"This is a beautiful show…Those into serious art must see this show. "

Michele Le Tourneau
Winnipeg Free Press

"Ms. Boman's performance is commanding, powerful and distinctive. Steir is hypnotic to watch and the beautiful melodies are gloriously meditative…be prepared to sit back, relax and really let the show flow over you."

Colleen Cox
Albany (New York) Center Galleries

"Boman's performance pushed the limits of spoken word into the realm of performance art as she and Allen dramatically took the audience on a journey through the deepest parts of the human psyche."


Audience members have been moved to write:

"Thank you…it was so provcative…I haven't used my mind like this in the theatre in a long time."

Dr. M.K.


I just returned from the BAMBOO & BONE performance at LA MAMA Galleria. Although, I had not wanted to go out in the bitter core of winter, I felt fortunate to experience this intimate evening of talent and mastership. These two passionate artists resonated the warm glow of inspiration, certainly worth the chilly walk to the theatre.

Jacqueline J.

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